Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekly Sports Poll

This is Ansh with possibly the last sports poll.
Who is the most surprising NFL player so far?
a.) Colin Kaepernick b.) Matt Schuab c.) Daryl Washington d.) J.J. Watt

Winter Concert

              Come join your fellow BASIS students at the Winter Concert on Friday December 14! The fifth grade choirs, sixth grade band, seventh grade band, strings, choir, and upper school band, strings, and choir will all be preforming on two seprate concert beginning at 4:30 and 6:30 pm. Please purchase your tickets at the front office starting December 5. Seating is limited so get your tickets early.

4:30 Concert:
     5th Grade Choir (Fifth Period)
     6th Grade Band and Strings
     Upper School Choir
6:30 Concert:
     5th Grade Choir (Seventh Period)
     7th Grade Band, Strings, ang Choir
      Upper School Band and Strings

Pre-Comp help

Last year I was in seventh grade at BASIS Oro Valley. I remember how nervous I was before pre-comps. Here are some tips to get you through the studying.

Pace yourself: don't push your studying to hard, study for 45 minutes or so and take a break.
  1. Make a schedule for what classes you will study on what day.
  2. Don't panic, take it slow and don't forget to breathe :)
  3. The morning of the pre-comps eat a full breakfast so you can go through the pre-comps fully energized.
  4. Get a good night's sleep the day before.
  5. And remember, the only person who can determine your grade is you!
Don't worry; the pre-comps will be over before you know it!

- Kayla Larsen; hello!:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly sports poll

Who is the best PG in the league?
a.) Chris Paul b.) Rajon Rondo c.) Deron Williams d.) Jrue Holiday e.) Kyrie Irving
-Ansh Rao

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekly Sports Poll

Who do you think will sneak into the NFC playoffs?
a.) New Orleans Saints b.) Washington Redskins c.) Detroit Lions d.) Seattle Seahawks
-Ansh Rao

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Sports Poll

Who is the best team in the NFL?
a.) Atlanta Falcons b.) Houston Texans c.) Chicago Bears d.) San Francisco 49ers

Leave your answer in the comments.
-Ansh Rao

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Your Answer! by Ask Max

Hey everyone! This is what I like to call "Your Answer." I ask a question or make a poll and you leave your answer in the comments!

What's your favorite book series?
A) Harry Potter
B) The Twilight Saga
C) The Hunger Games
D) Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
E) Other (please specify)

Leave your answers in the comments!
~Makenzie Culver

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meet The Educational Editor!

Hi! I'm Kayla Larsen, the Educational Editor for the BASIS Phoenix blog. I'm in 8th grade here at BASIS Phoenix. I take care of educational competitions, tests, and anything that has to do with education. I would be more than happy to accept articles made by you or your friends. Just e-mail me at katnissbudy@gmail.com. Please submit! Thank you very much.

-Kayla Larsen

Sports Poll

Who's the best team in the NBA Western Conference? Leave your answer in the comments.
a.) Oklahoma City Thunder b.) Los Angeles Lakers c.) San Antonio Spurs d.) Los Angeles Clippers

-Ansh Rao

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Riddle of the Week

Riddle of the Week

Welcome to the first Riddle Of The Week by me, Lorena Ananieva. Here is a mind boggler that will make your brain turn:

A man has to get a fox, a chicken, and a sack of corn across a river. He has a rowboat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken. If the chicken and the corn are left together, the chicken will eat the corn. How does the man do it?

Found on: http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/games/riddles/tuff_stuff_riddles_rd2.htm

Come next week and see the answer to this riddle along with a new one! Also if you have any riddles of your own send it to me along with the answer at my email: lorenadamidget@gmail.com.

Homecoming game ends in shutout

    The BASIS Peoria Scorpions shutout the BASIS Phoenix Firebirds by a score of 20-0 at the October 5th flag football matchup. The tone was set from the beginning, when the Firebirds punted the ball away only to see the Scorpions score. The Scorpions forced some turnovers and penalties en route to their win. The defense for the Firebirds stepped up in the second half and held the Scorpions scoreless.
    After the blowout loss, quarterback Ethan Smith said, "Our defense wasn't good in the first half."
    Coach Tedeschi said, "We need to get back down to the basics: coverages, pass routes, and other fundamentals."

    -Ansh Rao

World Fest is coming

World Fest                                

If you want to participate in the World Fest, here is some info for you: it will be held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 2:00-5:00pm. It will be located here at school. You can display anything from history, language, holidays, literature, art, music, dance, traditional clothing, crafts, food, and more! For setup, arrive at 1:00 to 1:15 p.m. If you have any other questions or ideas, contact Mrs. Walker at room art1 or at susan.walker@basisphoenix.org.

Timothy Sayre II

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Anti - Bullying Club

The Anti-Bullying Club is perfect for people who feel strongly against bullying. It meets every Friday and it has about ten people in it right now. They will be preventing bullying at our school, making campaign posters across the school, fundraising and maybe even selling buttons that say, "I'm bully free."  Mr.Crane, the head of the Anti-Bullying Club, says that it's a club for people who feel like they "don't fit in" to come together and support each other. Talk to the front office or Mr.Crane for more information.

-- by Tara Samra and Kayla Larsen

Friday, October 26, 2012

Intro to: Photographer!

    Hi! My name is Tara Samra, and I am the photo editor for the school newsletter. If you have any pictures of school events, or interesting events outside of school, come show them to me-I’m in 8Be. Maybe your picture will be in the next newsletter! Your input is much appreciated.
By: Tara Samra

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet the News Editor

 Hello Firebirds, my name is Tim Sayre and I will be posting your everyday school news to this website. If you have anything you would like to see posted, email it to timothysayre@gmail.com and I will edit it and possibly get it up on the site. Please make sure it is no more than 100 words.  You can and are encouraged to use photos.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Dressup

Yay! We can dress up in Halloween costumes under certain circumstances. Ms. Pajtas says students can dress up on Halloween and also the day of the dance, which is tomorrow. Rule number one: no masks! Rule number two: No weapons, even if they're fake. Rule number three: wear costumes that follow the BASIS dress code. Don't show skin that's not allowed -- just leave the inappropriate costumes at home. Rule number four: have fun!

--by Amanda York

Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club is one of the New Clubs at BASIS Phoenix.  You may have seen flyers around the school.  In Yearbook Club you be creating and designing a school yearbook.  Meetings for Yearbook Club will be on Wednesday at 3:45-4:45pm. To apply for Yearbook Club, talk to Mrs. Kirwan in Room 12.
   -Cameron Thompson

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ask Max! By: Makenzie Culver

Hey there, Firebirds! My name is Makenzie Culver and I'll be doing an advice column. I'll be doing everything from polls to giving you advice! Here is my email if you would like to send in your questions or give me ideas: askmax.basisfirebirds@gmail.com

Here are some questions that I already have:

"My friend is a really nice person, but it seems like she only ever wants to hang out with me, making me spend less time with my other friends. What should I do?" -Anonymous

Firstly, Don't be mean to her. She probably just wants someone to hang out with. You could try hanging out with both groups of friends. If she won't stop constantly being with you, kindly ask her for some time with your other friends. Remind her that you have many friends and that she is welcome to hang out with them too. One thing you should NOT do is ignore her or lie. I hope this helps!

"My friend insults my other friends who don't go to my school. I want to stand up for them, but I don't want to hurt my friend's feelings. What do I do?"

First ask them to stop, nicely. You could try, "So & So, those people are actually my friends. I would appreciate it if you would stop saying mean things about them." If they don't stop, then you can be a little more firm. Don't be afraid to get your point across.

That's all for now!

8th Grade Social

3-legged race
Lifesaver relay

       On Friday September 28, the Boosters organized a social for the 8th graders, which was held in the courtyard and had a turnout of approximately 35 students. The mixer, complete with refreshments, water balloons, a 3three-legged race and a lifesaver relay, was “really fun!” said 8th grader Miranda Kilbride,.   
Story and Pictures By: Tara Samra

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BASIS Phoenix Spelling Bee!

BASIS Phonenix is having their first ever spelling bee for kids between 5th and 8th grade! Our school's top finishers will face off against the other three BASIS schools in the valley. We are also anticipating that the winner will go on to the Maricopa County Spelling Bee and win that as well.

BASIS Phoenix will also be participating in the Great American SpellCheck, a fundraiser that makes sure that 100% of the money raised benefits our school. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for our English department's educational supplies and activities.

The Great American SpellCheck fundraising timeline:
Tuesday, Oct. 16 to Tuesday, Oct. 30:  Students study words appearing on their Great American Spellcheck study words sheets. Also, students collect pledges from family and friends.
Wednesday, Oct. 31:  We will conduct the Great American Spellcheck in English class.
Wednesday, Nov. 7:  Teachers will send home the student's graded test and pledge form.
Monday, Nov. 19: This is the deadline for supporters to return their pledged funds.

Please talk to your English teachers for more information!

- Kayla Larsen